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GN Separation, a leading company in the field of separation equipment, proudly presents its 3 Phase Disc Stack Separator. This high-speed, stable, sealed, efficient, and automatic slag discharge 3-phase separation equipment is widely used for liquid-liquid-solid separation or liquid-liquid separation. Our products are known for their superior performance and reliability, making them a preferred choice across various industries. Here, we explore the diverse applications of the 3 Phase Disc Stack Separator in different sectors.



Applications of 3 Phase Disc Stack Separator

Animal and Vegetable Oil Separation

The 3 Phase Disc Stack Separator plays a crucial role in the separation of animal and vegetable oils. Vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, palm oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, sesame oil, and safflower oil can be efficiently separated. Similarly, animal oils including fish oil and various animal fats can be purified effectively.

Beverage Industry

In the beverage industry, our separators are indispensable for the purification and separation processes. They are used in the dairy industry for separating milk and cream, and in the production of fruit juices (like orange juice and apple juice), vegetable juices, tea drinks, coffee, and beer. The separators ensure high-quality, clarified products, enhancing the overall production process.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry benefits greatly from our 3 Phase Disc Stack Separators. They are used for the separation of various extracts such as penicillin, vitamins, E. coli, antibiotics, and hormones. Additionally, they are essential for the concentration of microorganisms, the clarification of fermentation broth, and the separation of blood, ensuring purity and quality in pharmaceutical products.

Plant Extraction and Separation

Our separators are also extensively used in plant extraction and separation processes. They are effective in extracting pigments, peppers, tea leaves, loquat leaves, honeysuckle, ginkgo biloba, salvia, amygdalin, and traditional Chinese medicine extracts. This ensures the purity and quality of plant-based products, making them suitable for various applications.

Chemical Industry Separation

In the chemical industry, GN's 3 Phase Disc Stack Separators are used for separating lubricant additives, viscose, PVC, cellulose and its derivatives, ink and dye, phosphoric acid, herbicide, synthetic latex, boiler ash, and catalysts. They ensure efficient and thorough separation, improving the quality and usability of chemical products.

Fuel and Marine Oil Industry

Our separators are vital in the fuel and marine oil industry. They are used for the separation of methyl ester, glycerin, catalyst, soap removal, methanol, and water washing methyl ester. Additionally, they help in the extraction of fatty acids and glycerin desalination in the bio-oil sector. They also play a key role in the recovery and clarification of marine oil, and the removal of moisture and mechanical impurities in fuel oil (light diesel, heavy diesel, fuel oil) and lubricating oil of marine diesel engine equipment.

Environmental Protection Industry

In the environmental protection industry, our separators are used for food waste treatment and water treatment. They ensure efficient separation and purification, contributing to environmental sustainability and protection.

GN 3 Phase Disc Stack Separator: Product Features

The GN 3 Phase Disc Stack Separator stands out due to its advanced features:

  • High-Speed and Efficiency: With a maximum speed of up to 7100 RPM and G force up to 12488G, our separators ensure thorough separation and high-quality output.
  • Material Compatibility: All parts in contact with the material are made of high-grade stainless steel, reducing chemical interaction and ensuring durability.
  • Advanced Control Systems: The slag discharge action is controlled by a PLC fully automatic control cabinet, featuring safety protection devices for high automation and strong adaptability.
  • Stable and Reliable Operation: The professionally designed centripetal pump system ensures stable output pressure and easy operation.
  • Low Noise and Good Separation Effect: Our separators operate quietly and provide excellent separation performance, making them suitable for various industrial applications.

Technical Parameters

Type Liquid-Liquid Separation (or Liquid-Liquid-Solid)      
Bowl Dia 440mm 580mm 620mm 800mm
Sliding Piston 380mm 500mm 550mm 700mm
Capacity 1-2 m3/h 5-10 m3/h 10-15 m3/h 20-25 m3/h
Max Speed 7100 RPM 6150 RPM 6000 RPM 4500 RPM
Max G Force 12409 G 12273 G 12488 G 9063 G
Motor Power 11 KW 18.5 KW 30 KW 45 KW
Feeding Pressure 0-0.1 Mpa      
Starting Time 10-15 Minutes      
Feeding Material Solids content less than 3%      


GN Separation’s 3 Phase Disc Stack Separator is a versatile and efficient solution for various industrial separation needs. Its advanced features and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for industries ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and environmental protection. For more information on how our separators can benefit your operations, please contact us at GN Separation.