Blue Flower

Recently, GN has completed the facbircation of 5M3 oil sludge system. Following the final factory assembly and testing, the system will be transport the overseas custommers.

The configuration you've provided includes several key components tailored for effective oily sludge treatment:

Premixing Tank: This tank is where the oily sludge is initially collected and mixed with chemicals. The chemicals aid in breaking down the emulsions and separating the oil, water, and solids more efficiently.
GNZS706 Fine Shaker: This fine shaker serves as the primary solids control equipment, removing larger solids from the sludge mixture. It utilizes vibrating screens to separate solids of different sizes from the liquid phase.
GNLW364 Three-Phase Decanter Centrifuge: This centrifuge is a crucial component for separating the sludge into its three main components: oil, water, and solids. The decanter centrifuge achieves this separation through high-speed rotation and differential centrifugal forces.

Containerized Chemical Dosing System: The containerized chemical dosing system contains the necessary equipment for accurately dosing chemicals into the sludge mixture. These chemicals aid in destabilizing emulsions, enhancing separation efficiency, and treating the sludge for disposal or further processing.
The combination of these components provides a comprehensive solution for treating oily sludge, effectively separating its constituents for proper disposal or reuse. Additionally, the containerized design of the chemical dosing system offers portability and ease of installation, making it suitable for various applications and locations, including remote or temporary sites in the Middle East.

For more informaiton about oil sludge system, please feel free to contact GN.