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Nowsdays GN separation has invested in advance in its inventory to ensure that prompt delivery for some emergency order, following this situation, it also show us the productive ability of GN separation. 


The solid vacuum pump of GN separation,it's 100% air driving pneumatic devicem, it's capbale of manage a wide range of the material, including liquid, solid and power. We have 3 different models, respectively GNSP-10B, GNSP-20B and GNSP-40B, due to the discrepany of the handping capacity, you can choose which handling capacity will meet your requirements.

2024.03.05 sand transfer vacuum pump


It is worth mentioning that GN solids vacuum pump has passed EU CE and ATEX certification, fully meeting the strict standards of the European market. Especially for the GNSP10B and GNSP20B models, the equipment is equipped with wheels at the bottom, allowing operators to move and layout flexibly on site.

2024.03.05 solid vacuum pump

GN will continue to drive development through innovation, providing more effcient and safe material transportation solutions for global custoners, If yo have have further question, plesae feel free to connect to GN separation for any time.