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GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge for about 10 years, and now has capability of manufacturing decanter with bowl size from 220mm to 760mm.

In the production process, there are different process requirements such as dehydration, clarification, concentration, classification and separation. The essence of dehydration and clarification is to separate the solid and liquid in the suspension from each other. Dehydration is to remove the liquid phase in the solid phase, and clarification is to remove the solid phase in the liquid phase. Concentration is to increase the content of solid phase in solution. Grading is to divide the particles with different particle sizes in the suspension into two groups of particle components greater than D and less than DN based on a certain particle size D and D. Separation generally refers to two kinds of interaction For the separation of non-phase and solution phase, the fruit liquid and liquid phases are continuous phases, so the separation is only related to their density difference; If one phase is continuous and the other phase is divided, that is, the other phase is dispersed in the continuous phase in the form of droplets to form an emulsion. In this case, the separation of liquid-liquid two phases is related not only to the density difference of the two phases, but also to the droplet diameter of the dispersed phase.

A large amount of liquid phase, a small amount of solid phase, and the particle size of solid phase is very small (1o μ M) or amorphous mycelium, horizontal screw disc or tubular centrifuge can be selected. If the solid content is less than 1% and the particle size is less than 5rm, the tube type or zigzag type manual slag discharge can be used to separate vanadium. If solid content ≤ 3%, particle size < 5 μ m. Disc piston slag separator can be selected. The separation factor of tubular separator is high (f ≥ 1000, the separable particle size is about 0.5m. The finer particles have higher clarity, but the single processing capacity is small. After separation, the solid dry slag is close to the inner wall of the drum. During slag removal, the machine needs to be disassembled and cannot be produced continuously. In order to facilitate slag removal, there is a plastic paper drum lined with a thin sea on the inner wall of the drum, which can be pulled out during slag removal. The separation factor of the disc manual slag removal separator is also high (ft = 1000), due to the disc combination, the settlement area is large and the settlement distance is small, the clarity of the obtained clarifier is high, and the treatment capacity is larger than that of the tubular centrifuge, but the separated solid phase is also deposited on the inner wall of the turning basin, so the machine needs to be removed regularly for slag removal, so it cannot be produced continuously.