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GN Company has supplied one unit of 2-phase Decanter Centrifuge, with bowl diameter 220mm, and capacity 1000liters per hour for client in Europe. Here GN Engineers would like to introduce more technical details about Decanter Centrifuge.

In actual operation, the mud quality and mud amount of the sludge will change. In order to ensure that the dewatering effect remains unchanged, the user can choose a reasonable price according to the material properties of the suspension, the requirements of the liquid and solid phases after separation, and the processing capacity. Select the relevant parameters of the centrifuge, such as: processing capacity, drum speed, differential speed between the drum and the screw, overflow plate diameter, etc., to obtain a satisfactory separation effect.

If the drum of the centrifuge is driven by a frequency converter, the speed of the drum can generally be adjusted stepless within a large range. By adjusting the speed, the separation factor of the centrifuge can be controlled to adapt to the requirements of different separation liquids. Generally speaking, the larger the solid phase particles in the separation liquid, the greater the density, and the lower the separation factor is required, and vice versa, the higher the separation factor is required. With the increase of the rotating speed of the drum, the separation factor increases, the separation effect improves (after the differential pulley is determined), the differential speed between the screw and the drum increases, and the processing capacity increases, but the vibration, The noise will also increase and the service life will decrease. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate speed under the premise that the separation requirements can be met. If the drum is not controlled by frequency conversion, its rotational speed is fixed, that is, its separation factor is fixed.

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