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Regarding to Decanter Centrifuge, the larger the diameter of the drum, the greater the processing capacity of the centrifuge. The longer the length, the longer the sludge stays in the drum and the better the separation effect. However, when the centrifuge is too large, the manufacturing and processing costs will also increase.

The rotating speed of the drum is an important process control parameter. From the separation factor formula mentioned above, it can be seen that under the guarantee of a certain centrifugal separation effect, the speed depends on the diameter of the drum. The smaller the diameter, the higher the required speed. Conversely, the larger the diameter, the required speed is also lower. Generally, the radius of the horizontal screw machine with small processing capacity is small, but the rotation speed is higher than that of the horizontal screw machine with large processing capacity.

The hollow shaft screw conveyor not only mixes sludge, but also produces centrifugal force of the sludge. At the same time, it is also responsible for transporting the sludge in the solid ring layer away from the liquid ring layer to realize the separation of sludge and water. At the cone angle of the rotating drum, the diameter of the spiral begins to decrease, and the sludge is dried out of the liquid ring layer. The cone angle is generally between 8 and 12 degree.

The difference between the rotation direction of the screw and the speed of the drum is the speed at which the sludge is output, which determines the length of time the sludge stays in the machine, so it is an important process control parameter. In addition, the overflow adjustment weir can be used to adjust the thickness of the liquid ring layer, which is also an important process adjustment parameter. By adjusting the thickness of the liquid ring layer, the residence time in the drying zone can be changed.

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