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GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Centrifuge/Separator, and now has owned 3 factories in China Mainland. GN Company now is capable to manufacture Decanter with bowl diameter from 220mm to 760mm, with capacity 1-2 cubic meters per hour to 120 cubic meters hour maximum. GN Company is now capable to manufacture both two-phase Decanter Centrifuge (for separation of solid and liquid) and three-phase Decanter Centrifuge (for separation of solid, light-liquid, and heavy-liquid).

The drum of Decanter Centrifuge is a combination of a cylinder and a cone, in which the cylindrical part is the sedimentation zone, and the cone part is the dry zone, also known as the shore zone and the beach.

The hollow spiral has four open grooves along the axial direction, and the two adjacent open grooves form a 90-degree angle with each other, and the four open grooves run through most of the length of the helix. The advantages of this structural design are that the spiral weight is relatively light and has good mechanical properties; on the other hand, the open groove provides a considerable flow area and a soothing flow channel, which well protects the floc from The outside of the centrifuge is not damaged when it enters the centrifuge, which reduces the moisture content of the sludge and greatly reduces the amount of flocculant.

Centrifuge outlet mud scraping device: The sludge separated by the centrifuge will cling to the inner wall of the mud collection chamber under the action of extremely high centrifugal force, and it is easy to block the mud outlet of the centrifuge, especially when After the centrifuge stops working for a period of time, the sludge at the end of the centrifuge's sludge discharge port is very easy to dry and adhere to the body, blocking the sludge outlet of the dewatering machine, making the treated sludge unable to discharge and causing the centrifuge to fail to work normally. This sludge scraping device can slowly and continuously scrape the sludge attached to the inner wall of the sludge discharge end of the centrifuge, so as to ensure the smooth sludge discharge of the entire centrifuge.

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