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Recently GN Company Engineers has completed factory test of two units of Disc Separators, and then would ship them to the Southeast Asian client. The separators would be used for waste treatment of palm oil plant. There are many palm oil processing plants in the Southeast area, and Centrifuge/Separator is widely used for palm oil processing and wastewater treatment.

The processing line of palm oil includes palm fruit collection, clean, grind, centrifugal extraction, and oil clarification. Decanter Centrifuge is used for extraction, which can separate palm pomace from liquid phase. The outlet liquid (oil) from Decanter Centrifuge would be feed into Disc Stack Separator for clarification, in order to remove water & fine particles from the oil.

The material is feed into Disc Separator by gravity or with a feeding pump, and with strong centrifugal force, the material would pass through the disc bundle separation intervals. The heavy phase liquid (bigger specific gravity) moves along the disc wall towards the outside of neutral hole, and discharged by centripetal pump. The light phase (smaller specific gravity) would move along the disc wall into the neutral hole. Sludge would accumulate in the sediment area, and then would be discharged regularly. The work of Disc Separator is continuously with automatically controlled by PLC.

GN Company now is capable to manufacture both Decanter Centrifuge and Disc Stack Separator, with 2-phase design and 3-phase design capability. The bowl diameter is from 220mm to 760mm, and capacity from 1~2m3 per hour to 120 m3 per hour.

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