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GN Company has completed production and assemble of one batch of screw conveyors, and plan to ship them to clients’ job site in the coming week. GN Company is a professional manufacturer of U-type Screw Conveyor, which is used to convey material continuously without flexible traction. Its working principle is to use the rotating screw to move the material along the casing. For example, Screw Conveyor is standard supporting equipment, to collect and transfer outlet dewatered cake discharged from Decanter Centrifuge. Screw Conveyor is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, wastewater treatment, petroleum and petrochemical, etc. Screw Conveyor can be used to transfer different kinds of material, such as coal ash, cement, sand, cereal, slurry, mud, food waste, etc.

GN Company is now capable to manufacture Screw Conveyor with capacity from 15 tons per hour to 55 tons per hour, with screw diameter 10~18inch, i.e. 250~450mm, and screw length 24ft to 48ft, i.e. 7.3~14.6m. GN Company is also capable to manufacture customized design Screw Conveyor based on clients’ requirement. And explosion proof motor and control panel are also available if there is requirement from clients.

Besides Screw Conveyor, Solids Vacuum Pump is also one of GN Company’s hot sale products for conveying/transferring material application. GN Sludge Solids Vacuum Pump is 100% air driven pump, and it doesn’t cost electricity or diesel. The pump can be widely used to transfer sludge, solids, sand, powder, soil, stone, slurry, water, and their mixture.

Please look at the pump video from linkage as below.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer one stop turnkey solution based on clients’ requirement.

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