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GN Company completed production of one set of Filter Press Dewatering System, including Filter Press, Polymer Dosing System, and Sludge Feeding Pump. The system had been shipped to client’s job site, and would be used for sewage treatment.

Comparing with Decanter Centrifuge and Dewatering Screw Press, Filter Press has better dewatering performance, and its outlet cake is drier than the other dewatering equipment. Filter Press achieves the dewatering application by pressing device, and then the suspension is pumped into filter chamber for solid liquid separation by filter cloth.

There are different types of filter press, including Manual Jack Filter Press, Mechanical Filter Press, Hydraulic Filter Press, Automatic Filter Press, and Membrane Filter Press.

For operation of Filter Press, the operators shall know the basic operation process and daily maintenance of filter press, in order to avoid harm caused to operators and the machine. And when malfunction happens, the operators shall turn off the power. The operators shall not disassemble the hydraulic system and electricity without training in advance. Please don’t adjust transducer’s position and meter’s parameter without authorization. Factory settings are forbidden to adjust without authorization, otherwise it would be harmful or bring damage to filter press. Clients shall pay much attention to rotatable parts, in order to prevent injuries. Operators shall wear protective device when they work in special situation.

The filtration effect is affected by slurry’s condition, such as solid content, temperature, Ph value, particle size, etc. And for some project, flocculent can help filter press to get better performance.

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