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GN Company completed production of one unit of Screw Press, model 201, polymer preparation unit, model 500L, and sludge feeding pump (progressive cavity type). After final trail test, then the system would be shipped to client’s job site.

Besides Decanter Centrifuge and Filter Press, Sludge Dewatering Screw Press is also one of the main equipment used for sludge dewatering. Dewatering Screw Press has obvious advantages of low energy cost, low footprint, low investment, and low operation cost.

Here it is description about the dewatering process of Screw Press.

The sludge is firstly feed into metering tank, generally by pump. And then the sludge flows into the flocculation mixing tank, and the excess sludge flows back to the sludge tank from the overflow pipe. Meanwhile polymer flocculent is feed into the flocculation mixing tank, where it is completely mixing with the feeding inlet sludge. The mixture would be feed into the dewatering section of the screw press, and this flow is gravity flow. During the process of dewatering, the screw pitch of screw gradually becomes smaller and compressed by the pressing plate, so that the internal pressure in the main body becomes larger. When dewatering process is complete, then the mud cake is discharged.

GN Company has now supplied Screw Press to clients in Malaysia, UAE, Russia, Portugal, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, etc.

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