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GN Company has been a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge for over 10 years, with capability of manufacturing decanter with bowl size 220mm~760mm, and treatment capacity from 1~2m3 per hour to 120m3 per hour.

GN Company can supply Decanter Centrifuge with explosion proof standard, including motor and control cabinet. The cabinet can be customized if there is space limitation in clients' job site. And the door for cabinet is available with both one-door and two-door. Quick Opening Lock is also available for easy access.

GN Company can deliver one complete set of two-year spare parts with decanter together, if it is required by client. Maintenance Tools for Decanter is also available.

Main Motor, Back Motor, and Sludge Feeding Pump, all of them are VFD control by cabinet of Decanter. Sludge Feeding Pump flow rate is automatic adjusted considering the solids load into Decanter, in order to get the best efficiency and separation performance of Decanter. GN Decanter can also display trend graphs from the principal process variables. And Decanter cabinet's Program is open source. GN Engineers would also share Communication Address Table, so Clients' Electrical Engineers can add other controls as what they need.

Generally GN Company would deliver 5 meters of cable with Decanter together, and Clients can order more if they need. Generally the Cables includes for Power, Main Motor, Back Motor, Feeding Pump, Temperature Sensor 1, Temperature Sensor 2, Vibration Sensor, Automatic Lubrication Unit. It can be added more if clients need other cables.

All instruments in the cabinet are from reliable and reputable supplies, and clients can find spare parts easily from local market.

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