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Solids Vacuum Pump is hot sale pump of GN Company’s products, as it has much more wide application than common pumps, and it can be used to transfer sludge, slurry, powder, sand, soil, etc.

Please find the pump video from linkage as below.

Solids Vacuum Pump is 100% air operation/driven pump, and can work safely in dangerous explosive environment, such as drilling site, refinery plant, etc.

GN Company has developed 3 models of Solids Vacuum Pump, with different capacities, including 10m3 per hour, 20m3 per hour, and 40m3 per hour. The capacity is calculated based on water, and it might reduce accordingly during actual work, especially for high density or high viscosity sludge.

The Pump itself doesn’t need electricity or diesel, and it is shall be supplied air, always by Air Compressor. There are diesel driven Air Compressor, and it can help the pump to work in remote area without electricity, and the Air Compressor can be movable with wheel, which is great convenient. The air pressure requirement for different models of Vacuum Pump is different, and welcome to contact GN Company Sales Managers, and they would offer details about the air requirement. Air Holder can keep the air supplying under stable flow rate, which greatly increase the performance of the Pump, thus it is better to provide Air Holder for Air Compressor. The Pump, Air Compressor, and Air Holder can be installed together on Truck or Trailer, which is also convenient for clients to move the Pump around different job sites.

GN Company now has already supplied the Pump to clients in UK, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Russia, Nigeria, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Mongolia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Peru, Mexico, etc.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer One Stop Turnkey Solution for clients’ projects.

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