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GN Company is professional manufacturer of slurry treatment plant. With more and more activities of hydrovac excavation activities in recent year, and meanwhile the more governments pay high attention on environment protection with more complete and strict law/rule in recent years, the demand for construction slurry treatment becomes much stronger.

The Slurry Treatment System mainly includes four modules as below.

Module One, Industry Vibrating Screen. It is used to remove coarse solids from the hydrovac slurry.

Module Two, Double-deck Fine Screen. It is used to collect the slurry from module one, where fine solids would be separated out, with size about 100um.

Module Three, Desander/Desilter. It is hydro cyclones with dewatering shaker, which is used to collect slurry from module two, where 20~70um solids would be separated out.

Module Four, Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge. It is mainly used to remove fine particles from slurry, with size about 2~10um.

GN Company has already supplied the Hydrovac Slurry Treatment System to US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, etc. GN Company now is capable to manufacture decanter with bowl diameter from 220~760mm, with capacities ranging from 1m3/hour to 120m3/hour.

Besides single unit equipment, GN Company is also capable to manufacture the supporting equipment, including Sludge Feeding Pump, Screw Conveyor, Polymer Preparation Unit and Dosing Pump, Pipelines, Tank, etc.

GN Company is also capable to send After-Sale Service Engineers to clients’ job site for installation, commissioning, and maintenance service. And GN Company also has partners in some countries to offer after-sale service for clients.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer one stop turnkey solution for clients’ project.

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