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GN Company has been a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge for over 10 years, and is capable to manufacture Decanter Centrifuge with bowl diameter from 220mm~760mm, with capacity range from 1m3/hour to 120m3/hour.

GN Company has 3 factories in China mainland, about 200 employees, advanced decanter processing equipment, and supplying decanters to USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, UK, Argentina, Holland, Russia, Singapore, UAE, Oman, Nigeria, etc.

GN Company now has three factories in China mainland, with about 200 employees and advanced processing equipment, and has two 100% owned subsidiaries in Russian and USA separately. GN Company has supplied Decanter Centrifuge for clients in UK, Russia, Poland, Germany, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Mongolia, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, etc.

GN Company Technical Team can design the control program with open to comprehensive information of tags and commands. So clients can connect equipment to their central PLC for overall command in their central room. And GN Company can also offer Vibration Alarm and Bearing Temperature Control. All the electrical components are all reputable International brands.

For some projects in Flammable and explosive situation, GN Company is capable to supply explosion proof motor and control panel, and either ATEX or IEC explosion proof standard Motor is available. GN Decanter is certified also with CE certification, and can be used for European clients.

Besides supplying single unit of dewatering equipment, such as Decanter Centrifuge and Dewatering Screw Press, GN Company takes more advantages of delivering one stop turnkey solution, including design of putting all the system in one container.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would detail solution based on clients' specific project.

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