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Client from North American had purchase one complete of Hydrovac Slurry Dewatering System. Now they send greatly feedback about GN Company's equipment's performance, and look forward great cooperation.

The Slurry Dewatering System is composed of different separation/dewatering modules and related auxiliary equipment, and detailed explanation is as below.

1. Industry Dewatering Vibrating Screen. The slurry from client’s job site would firstly be feed into the Vibrating Screen, where to remove coarse particle, with size more than 100um. The screen is made of composite frame and oil resistance rubber sealing part.

2. Hydro Cyclone Unit. The slurry, which passes through the screen, would be feed into Hydro cyclone by Centrifugal Sand Pump, where solids with size 20~100um would be separated out from the slurry.

3. Sludge Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge. The clean slurry recovered from Hydro Cyclone Unit would be feed into Decanter Centrifuge by Progressive Cavity Pump, where find solids with size less than 20um would be separated out from the slurry. And for solids size less than 2um, GN Technical offers Polymer Preparation Unit with Dosing Pump, in order to add flocculent, which can help Decanter Centrifuge to get better separation performance.

Besides supplying single unit equipment, GN Company takes more advantages of delivering One Stop Turnkey Solution. And GN Company Technical Team can design all the system on skid or in container, which would be easy for transportation and installation. This can greatly bring convenience for the client to work around different job sites.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer detailed solution based on clients’ requirement.

Clients can also post their sample to GN Factories, and GN Technical Engineers can arrange Lab Experiment or Pilot Test, and suggest the best solution based on the result.

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