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GN Company has supplied one unit of 240m3/hour Desander Plant for European client, and now received good feedback from client. GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Solids Liquid Separation equipment, including Vibrating Screen & Screen, Desander Unit, Decanter Centrifuge, Pump, Screw Conveyor, etc.

Desander Unit is used to remove the coarse particle from drilling mud, and then reuse for drilling activity, which greatly save cost for the drilling companies. The Desander Unit has two layers of screen, tank, centrifugal pump, and hydro cyclone, etc. The working principle about GN Company’s Desander Unit is that the drilling slurry firstly comes to the bottom screen of shaker, where coarse particle are separated out. Then mud flow to the storage tank below the screen, where centrifugal pump would feed the mud to hydro cyclone. Because of the centrifugal force, the solids/sand would be discharged to upper screen of shaker from the outlet nipple of the hydro cyclone, and the clean mud would be discharged out to intermediary tank through overflow pipe.

The color of the Desander Unit can be customized based on clients’ requirement, and GN Company has complete CE Certification for the Desander Unit and Centrifugal Pump.

GN Company can also supply the Motor of Shaker and Pump, and Electrical Control Box based on ATEX Zone 2 explosion proof, which is acceptable for mostly European countries.

GN Company has already supplied equipment to about 65 countries, and welcome to contact GN Sales Manager, and they would offer One Stop Turnkey Solution for clients' project.

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