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GN Company completed production of 2 units of Three Phase Decanter Centrifuge, and would ship them to client plant for crude oil sludge treatment by next week. GN Company has been a professional manufacturer of Separation and Conveying Equipment for 14 years, and equipment includes Decanter Centrifuge, Centrifugal Separator, Polymer Preparation Unit, Sludge Solids Vacuum Pump, Screw Conveyor, etc.

Here are the main features about GN Decanter Centrifuge.

GN Company Decanter Centrifuge applies big amount of spare parts from European suppliers, such as VFD is ABB, Bearing is SKF, PLC is Siemens, and Touch Screen is from Schneider. All are reputable brand in the world, which guarantees the reliable performance of Decanter Centrifuge and its long working life. And another big advantage is that clients can easily find spare parts for replacement within local market, from those brands distributors/branch offices, which saves time and cost, and increase maintenance efficiency.

Drum and Screw of Decanter Centrifuge are all made of Duplex Stainless Steel 2205. And its Strength and corrosion resistance are much better than 316L.

GN Company’s Decanter Centrifuge applies Centripetal Pump technology. The client can use the adjustable impeller to adjust the pond depth of the heavy liquid without difficulty during ongoing operation.

GN Company’s Decanter Centrifuge applies Planetary Gear Differential technology. It adopts a planetary gear differential, which bears more torque than cycloid differential, and is stable and reliable with a long service life.

GN Company’s Decanter Centrifuge Machine Base is high-quality carbon structural steel, and bottom is equipped with a shock absorber, and the base is welded by section steel. The outer surface adopts high-grade imported DuPont automotive paint, and the bottom layer is treated with anti-corrosion.

The Electric Control Cabinet provides power, control, and display alarms for the centrifuge to ensure the safe operation of the centrifuge system.

Now GN Company has 2 factories under operation, and another new factory under manufacturing, which would come into operation by the end of 2021.

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