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GN Company completed production of one unit of Disc Stack Separator, and it would be shipped to our client of steel plant, where the Separator is used for oil content wastewater treatment. GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Separation and Conveying Equipment, including Decanter Centrifuge, Disc Stack Separator, Oil Water Separator, etc. All the equipment can be widely used for solid liquid separation.

GN Company has been a professional manufacturer of Disc Stack Separator for years, including 2 phase separator and 3 phase separator.

Disk Stack Separator can also be used for turbine oil purification, i.e. removing water content & fine solid particles from oil. While it is important to know water content percentage, solids content percentage, and solid particles size. Welcome to consult with GN Sales Manager, and they would offer professional suggestions.

Feeding Inlet Pressure for Disc Stack Separator is normal, and gravity flow is also workable, while feeding pump is not necessary.

GN Company Separator also has function of automatically cut off of oil inlet by adding auto valve and related Program. While the clients don't need to worry about oil would drain out of machine.

Light phase discharged from separator can be delivered to 9 meters height, because the outlet Pressure is 0.2Mpa.

GN Technical Engineers suggest temperature of operation water for separator to be Room Temperature.

GN Company Disc Stack Separator's sludge discharge time is 0.01~0.99 seconds and frequency is 1~240 minutes, both can be adjustable. The client can set based on his specifications of feeding inlet.

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