Centrifuge operation notes

GNLW series decanter centrifuge is horizontal spiral type which all model of decanting centrifuge that GN Solids manufactured.   Decanter centrifuge is the fifth stage equipment in drilling mud system for solids control and mud cleaning. The superiority of Decanting Centrifuge is embodied in the solids processing size. Decanter Centrifuge could remove the solid particles with size 2-7 microns by using the principle of centrifugal action in high RPM and  it is an ideal choice for separating fine particles in drilling mud. 

 America decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is a machinery that is delicate to remove fine particles and it requires  to be closely monitored due to there are a lot of moving parts involved. Different models of decanter centrifuge in various treating capacity and RPM operation speed are operate differently.  Please consult with your owner's manual.  Below are common notes when operate decanter centrifuge:

1.    Make sure the belts are installed properly and tight before turn the decanter centrifuge on.

2.    Use hands to rotate the drum to make sure the drum can move freely before turn the decanter centrifuge on. 

3.    Before turn on the decanter centrifuge on, turn on the feeding pump first.

4.    Monitor the feeding rate of the drilling mud according decanter centrifuge's owner manual.  Decanter centrifuge's RPM rate is need to reach to operation rate before processing the drilling mud.

5.    Any unusual noises happen during the operation, it need to stop the operation right away.

6.    Do not feeding the mud more than operation capacity to avoid the choke block. 

7.    The weighted and high viscosity drilling fluid needs  low feeding speed and high dilution rate. 

8.     To ensure that you can stir in the entrance of centrifuge and the barite slurry return to the mud tank. 

Shut-down the operation by stop the feeding pump, stop dilution, and finally shut the decanter centrifuge down.

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