Small bowl centrifuge package for LGS reduction or barite recovery

GN Solids Control are leading manufacturer of complete centrifuge system which are capable of running in continuous operation and suitable for LGS (low gravity solids separation) reduction or barite recovery for drilling mud solids control system.

GN Solids Control makes different sizes decanter centrifuges. GN brand decanter centrifuges are suitable to treat all types of Water Based Mud, oil based mud, and other Non Aqueous Based Mud with various properties dependent on the drilling rig mud systems. The most popular size is the small bowl size 14inch GNLW363, and the big bowl models 18 inch GNLW453, and the 22 inch GNLW553.

GN 14inch decanter centrifuge, big bowl models 18 inch centrifuge and 22 inch centrifuge can be used to process drilling fluid densities range between 8.34 to 13 ppg. The drilling fluid densities can be treated by GN brand centrifuge unit is designed also be capable of processing fluid densities up to 21 ppg. 

GN 14 inch decanter centrifuge is with speed range: 0 to 3500 rpm. GN 14inch decanter centrifuge maximum Bowl Speed is 3900rpm. The normal working speed range setup is 0 ~ 3200rpm. If client want more working speed range, you can contact with GN engineering team for customization. It is available up to 3500rpm.

Driving system of GN big bowl and small bowl centrifuge systems:

GN 14inch decanter centrifuge is the most popular model for mud solids control and waste management. It can be equipped with fixed speed control, Variable frequency drive control, and Independent full Hydraulic drive control system. 

GN 18inch and 22inch decanter centrifuge is available with Variable Frequency Drive system at this moment.

Safety protection of GN big bowl and small bowl centrifuge systems:

1) All GN decanter Centrifuge systems are equipped with Soil blocking plate and end scraper for antiplugging Mechanism protection

2) All GN decanter Centrifuge systems is capable with over currency protection in the electrical control systems for over load protection. 

3) Additional Safety Protection: Interlock for bowl drive and pump drive.

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