Oil Based Drilling Cuttings Treatment System for CNPC Project

A new set of drilling cuttings treatment plant has been ready for shipment recently. It is a waste management project for a CNPC project in China. The drilling cuttings treatment plant will be used to treat oil based mud and cuttings. 

As the waste management plant will be used to treat to oil based mud and cuttings, below processing equipment are included in the quotation:

1) Vertical cuttings dryer is major equipment used to oil based mud and oil based cuttings. 1 each GNCD930D vertical cuttings dryer is included in the system. Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base fluids. GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer specially designed not only for oil based mud, SBM but also can be used for water based drilling waste.

2) Decanter centrifuge is the second stage separation equipment in the cuttings treatment plant. 

3) Screw pumps are used in the drilling cuttings treatment system as flush pump for vertical cuttings dryer and centrifuge feeding pump. Many people are wondering, screw pump costs higher, why GN uses screw pump to flush the vertical cuttings dryer. Water pump price is much lower than the screw pump. Can water pump be used as flush pump for vertical cuttings dryer? The answer is No. As vertical cuttings dryer is used to treat oil based cuttings, water cannot be used for flushing. Clean oil based mud or diesel oil should be used for flush. 

GN Solids Control is not only an equipment manufacturer. Another advantage of GN Solids Control is to offer complete solution. So besides the processing equipment decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, and feeding pumps, GN Solids Control also offer the holding tank and explosion proof control system in order to offer complete solution. 

Besides this set oil based cuttings treatment system, GN solids Control offered many other waste management system for CNPC project. 

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