Hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment system for Canada

2018 is a busy and wonderful year. Every weeks, different waste management systems or liquid / solids separation equipment are dispatched from GN Solids Control Beijing factory one by one. Recently, another full package of slurry treatment system for construction hydrovac excavation has been dispatched to sea port and will sail to Canada jobsite soon. 

The slurry treatment system will be used for hydrovac slurry separation and horizontal directional drilling slurry treatment. The principle of the slurry separation system is to use liquid and solids separation equipment to treat soil or soup or slurry generated from the hydrovac or HDD project, and produce reusable material for construction and discharge clean water.

The hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment system for Canada client includes following packages:

1)1 set of Pick Up and Washing Tank. It is a customized V bottom tank complete with walkways, guardrails, valves, clean gate and pipelines. 

2)1 set of Primary Vibration shale shaker complete with coarse Screens 

3)1 set of Secondary Shale Shaker separator complete with API mesh screens 

4)1 set of mud cleaner Desilter complete with shaker assembly underneath the hydra cyclone unit

5)1 set of 22 inch Big Bowl Dewatering Centrifuge with big volume for water treatment 

The big bowl decanter centrifuge is located in a telescopic skid. The skid can be low down for international container shipment and for inland shipment. During working it can be lift up to suitable height.

 GN Shale Shakers and  desilter mud cleaner as well as the big bowl decanter centrifuge will separate soils and solids from the waste slurry water, and clarify the soil and solids into different size of particles. The recycled aggregates and soils or sands can be reused as construction field materials. The recycled water can be reused for the HDD act ivies or to be discharge. 

For more information of the GN hydrovac excavation slurry separation system, please feel free to contact GN sales team. 

Please visit below website Below is a jobsite video of GN hydrovac excavation slurry separation system


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