High speed centrifuge for Wastewater separation

Unlike the drilling waste management treatment, the wastewater separation request high bowl speed with lower differential speed (also called conveyer speed).

Why high differential speed (conveyer speed) cannot be used for wastewater treatment?

1)       Firstly, the high differential speed (conveyer speed) will mix the fluids and the solids completely; the whole centrifuge will be like a mixing machine, rather than a separation machine.

2)       Secondly, as there is normally the chemical used for wastewater treatment. The big differential speed (conveyer speed) may push the solids to the fluids outlet.

3)       Furthermore, if there is chemicals dosed in the wastewater, it will generate foaming to the centrifuges.

So if your centrifuge faced above problems as above, you may need to consider reduce the differential speed (conveyer speed).

For GN design decanter centrifuge, the main drive motor driving centrifuge bowl through gearbox. The back drive motor driving propeller directly. And the gearbox ration is fixed for a centrifuge model. So how the differential speed (conveyer speed) of the decanter centrifuge can be reduced?

1)       Firstly, as there is relationship between differential speed (conveyer speed), back drive motor, and gearbox ration, you can reduce the bowl speed to reduce the differential speed (conveyer speed).

With GN PLC smart control VFD decanter centrifuge, you can reduce the bowl speed directly on the VFD control panel.

For fixed speed centrifuge, you can change the centrifuge pulley and belt to reduce the differential speed (conveyer speed). It is the normal way for many professional mud service companies, as they are familiar with centrifuge running and maintenance. Fixed speed is lower cost.

For the new centrifuge users, PLC smart control VFD centrifuge is better.

2)       With PLC smart control VFD centrifuge, the operator can also reduce the propeller speed through reduce the back drive motor speed. The differential speed (conveyer speed) can also be reduced in this way.

Option 2 Reduce the back drive motor speed is more recommended to reduce the differential speed (conveyer speed), in this case, the centrifuge can be running in high speed and lower differential speed (conveyer speed), it can get a better wastewater separation performance of the decanter centrifuge.

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