GN SRU (Solids Removal Unit) for diamond drilling

GNLW223 Series decanter centrifuge is specially designed for small capacity, small footprint , and for fine solids separation Bowl material of GNLW223 Series decanter centrifuge is made from SS 304 by centrifugal casting. The screw on the centrifuge bowl are protected with Tungsten Carbide Tiles for anti-abrasive and for longer lifetime.

GN SRU (Solids Removal Unit) is a closed loop fluids system that recycles the drilling fluids for mineral and diamond drilling. Capacity of GN SRU (Solids Removal Unit) is 150L/Min. The SRU significantly reduces the environmental impact and greatly improved the drilling operation efficiency. GN SRU (Solids Removal Unit) includes a small shale shaker and the small size decanter centrifuge GNLW223 series. Cut point of 150L/Min GN SRU (Solids Removal Unit) is 2-5 Microns.

GNLW223 Series decanter centrifuge is a 8inch small size decanter centrifuge, it is the corn product in GN Solids Removal Units (Smaller versions for Diamond Drilling). 

The reason there is a small size shale shaker is that, the shale shaker is used to remove the big size solids and reduce the mud weight, than to protect the centrifuge. The big size solids will wear out the centrifuge bowl or even block it. And the max. solids content for centrifuge should be less than 15%. Heavy solids content will reduce the separation efficiency.

In some cases, there are no large solids as Diamond drilling is implemented from the beginning of the hole. So in some cases, clients will do not want small size shale shaker, they will only want the small size centrifuge for diamond drilling. 

Besides the small size 9 inch centrifuge for diamond drilling, GN Solids Control makes other bigger size decanter centrifuges with different standard for different applications: the most popular size 14 inch, big bowl 18 inch, 22 inch and the largest bowl size 30 inch. 

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