GN Oil Water Separator Received Big Attention among Clients




GN Oil Water Separator can be used to remove free non-emulsified oils, diesel, gasoline and fuels from waste stream by coalescing media. Because of its high capacity and easy operation, oil water separator is popular for primary Oil Water separation project, including groudwater remediation, vehicel wash racks, stormwater treatment, Oil Production and Spill Recovery, etc. 

GN Company Oil Water Separator capacity ranges from 6m3/h to 262 m3/h, and the material can be stainless steel and carbon steel. 

oil water separator

Working Procedure of GN Oil Water Separator

1) Oil Droplets Coalesce

Waste water feeding into oil water separator and flowing through a tightly stacked bundle of coalescing media. The coalescing media expands the surface area of the oil water separator giving the free oil more space on which to coalesce. As the oil droplets accumulate on the coalesce media and turned into larger droplets. Later on the larger drop flow up the surface of the media, detach and rise to the water surface. Because of the difference gravity of oil water and solids, so they can be separated. 

2) Oil Decants to Oil reservoir

Surface oil decants by gravity into a segregated oil reservoir to be removed from the tank.

3) Solids Slide down to sludge chamber

Since the solids gravity is bigger than water, the solids will slide down the surface of the media into the sludge chamber at the bottom of the tank for removal when it’s necessary.

4) Clean water collection

After that, the oil free relatively clean water travels under an oil reservoir baffle, over an adjustable weir and into a clean water effluent chamber which will be discharged from this chamber by gravity. 

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