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GN Company supplied a Customized System for client's environmental protection project, and got great feedback. This System includes Shaker, Decanter Centrifuge, Pump, etc. Decanter Centrifuge is professional equipment for sludge/mud/suspensions dewatering, thickening, and different kind of slurry clarification, solid/liquid separation, solid/liquid/liquid separation, etc. 

Decanter Centrifuge has applications for different kinds of drilling mud, environmental protection sewage, oily sludge, chip fluid, sand washing water, mineral water, soda white mud, salt mud dewatering, municipal and industrial wastewater sludge, mineral oil, chemical viscous material, fruit juice, coffee, tea, wine, soybean milk, rubber treatment in leather factories, biodiesel, starch, edible oil, protein, cheese, casein, lactose, beverage, fish by product, oil and water clarifying, etc. 

GN Company now is capable to manufacture Decanter Centrifuge with Bowl diameter 220~760mm (9-30inch), and bowl length/diameter is more than 4.2. The Bowl and Screw material are made of duplex stainless steel 2304/2205 by centrifugal casting. The flight edge is protected by Tungsten Carbide tiles. And bearings are SKF, FAG brand. The Solids Discharge Port is protected by Tungsten Carbide Insert, and also same to top/side scraper. GN Technical Engineers also design stainless steel ribs inside the Bowl to avoid block. And the liquid pond depth is adjustable based on material. 

GN Company focus on manufacturing Separation & Conveying Equipment for 13 years, including as follow, 

2 /3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge 

2 /3 Phase Disc Separator

Sludge Solids Transferring Pump

Screw Conveyor

Oil Water Separator, etc. 

Welcome to visit our factories, and GN Sales Managers would offer the Best Solution for your project specially. 


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