Decanter Centrifuge Factors - Screw Conveyor

A decanting centrifuge consist of a conveyor screw inside a rotating bowl. Screw conveyor is an important part of a horizontal decanter centrifuge. Its role is to convery the solids settled against the wall of decanter bowl and push them across a drainage deck, or beach. Dewatering actually takes place on beach, with the decanted solids dischareged through a series of underfow ports.

Screw conveyor is not only a discharging device, but also a factor that determines the treating capacity, service life and separation efficiency.

GN decanter centrifuge screw conveyor are moulded by casting using Stainless Steel 316 as raw material. At the tip of the screw blades, tunsten alloy tile is used as a protection which enables the durability and efficiency of the conveyor. GN also use replaceable tungsten carbon allay ring to protect the solids dischare port.

For more features of GN decanter centrifuge, please see the centrifuge page.

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