Decanter Centrifuge Factors - Decanting Bowl

There are some factors affecting the decanter centrifuge performance from the mechnical point of view, and some of these factors such as Bowl Diameter and Bowl Length can be adjusted to meet different applications.

A decanter centrifuge with bigger bowl diameter and longer length enables a larger sedimentation area and greater treating capacity. At the same bowl rotational speed, the separation factor (G-force) increases and separation performance is better. But it can NOT be enlarged without any limits. Normally the bowl diameter is among 200-1000 mm, L/D ratio is between 3-4. It is a trend that decanter centrifuge shall have big L/d ratio with high speed, this kind of equipment fit well with the low density effluents’ treating, and the cake will be drier.

The other reason is that at the same treating capacity, the big bowl diameter of decanter centrifuge can decrease the gear box operation, because the dig bowl has larger capacity of conveying solids. In order to get the same conveying efficiency, the decanter centrifuge with small bowl will have to increase the gear box speed to achieve this.

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