Decanter Centrifuge and Cuttings Dryer for Domestic Client

Decanter Centrifuge and Cuttings Dryer for Domestic Client


January 07 2019


Comparing with the traditional drilling mud recycling system that will dig a mud pit on the ground, the closed loop mud 


recycling system is being more and more preferred as the environmental protection regulations issued are much stricter than 

ever before. This is why the decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer unit would be used to recover more drilling fluids from 


the discharged cuttings.



The decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer here mentioned in this article are equipped for a 1500HP oil rig for a domestic 


client. It is well known, GN is the first one API certified manufacturer in China whose both the decanter centrifuge and 


cuttings dryer are proved perform well on site. GN’s drilling waste management system is designed basically on 


consideration the function of the decanter centrifuge  and cuttings dryer.



The drilling mud recycling system for a 1500HP rig will need a large volume of drilling mud to keep the rig working 


continuously. Of course, the drilling cutting discharged from the primary shale shaker is also a large volume. By using GN


’s cuttings dryer, the oil content on the cuttings could be reduced down to less than 5 percent. After further separation 


by the cuttings dryer, more valuable drilling fluids could be recovered. And then immediately, the effluence out from the 


cuttings dryer would be transferred to the high speed decanter centrifuge for polishing. By using the cuttings dryer and 


decanter centrifuge unit, the waste discharges could be greatly reduced and the more fluids could recovered for reuse. This 


is good for environment protection and cost saving on the operation. 

In recent year, GN is keeping perfecting the design of decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer unit. From all aspects, the 


performance of GN’s equipment is significantly improved. Not only in domestic market, but also the customers from abroad 


come to GN for business cooperation, and a great number of the customer is for repeated orders as GN’s decanter centrifuge 


and cuttings dryer really work satisfactorily.

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